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Dore Mentor

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The experience gained as a result of years of work in the field of education consultancy and organization has led to the birth of DORE Mentor. Dore=Consulting+Organization+Guidance+Training

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Language Trainings

It offers pleasant areas for your activities such as various language courses.

Dore Mentor Consulting

Institutional Consultancy and Individual Trainings

DORE Mentor, where you can get consultancy and service on all kinds of training services from domestic and international language training to personal development and specialization training, also provides various event, organization planning and special consultancy services to institutions.

Online Language Training

Game Changer English Language Training from Dore Mentor...

Dore Mentor breaks the game! We take the English grammar book from your hands and process it into your brain! Would you like to see our trainings for people who have entered the most basic of English and have no knowledge?

14 Years of Experience and Accumulation

We keep the customer benefit at the maximum level.

Our starting point in service is to keep the customer benefit at the highest level. That's why, through the interviews we have with you, we determine the most beneficial method for you and make a program accordingly.

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